Skin concerns

Suu Balm’s products are made with natural and effective ingredients to soothe and give you happy skin.

  • Psoriasis Skin Products

    Psoriasis Skin Products

    Help relieve the irritation and inflammation with our products. 

  • Ageing Skin

    Ageing Skin

    Protect dry, itchy, sensitive ageing skin from losing moisture with carefully formulated products to hydrate & repair the skin barrier. 

  • Itchy Skin Products

    Itchy Skin Products

    Repair & relieve dry, itchy, gatal skin with ultra-gentle products formulated to soothe, restore & break the itch-scratch cycle. 

  • Eczema Skin Products

    Eczema Skin Products

    Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition characterised by an inflamed, scaly, and itchy rash with a red appearance


  • Sensitive Skin

    Sensitive Skin

    Formulated specially for sensitive skin to soothe, cleanse and moisturise without irritation. 

  • Flaky Scalp

    Flaky Scalp

    Cooling & soothing scalp care products formulated to moisturise the scalp, repair and restore healthy scalp function & reduce itch & flakes.