Gatal & sensitive skin affects about 20% of children in Malaysia and can often cause flare ups, inflammation and itchy skin

How would I know if my baby or child has dry, gatal, sensitive skin?

Dry, gatal, sensitive skin in babies often appears when they are a few months old, with a red, dry rash, that is usually itchy (you will notice your baby rubbing or scratching the area). This rash may be on the face or body, in front of the elbows or behind the knees.

What caused dry, gatal and sensitive skin?

Dry, gatal, sensitive skin is caused by a mix of genetics and the environment the baby or child is exposed to. The condition results in their skin barrier being more porous than it should be, and their immune systems more reactive than they should be.

How does suu balm help with kids Skin?

We understand how persistent itch and unexpected rashes can disrupt your child’s day and make him/her irritable.
Our products are developed to help.


  • Ultra-gentle cleansing:

    With the most gentle ingredients.

  • Leaving the skin soft and supple:

    With 5 types of moisturising ingredients.

Our Creams and Sprays for Kids Skin

  • Relieve itch in minutes:

    With natural cooling menthol.

  • Restore the skin barrier:

    With skin-identical ceramides.

Suu Balm products were developed after years of dermatological research at The National Skin Centre in Singapore. All our products are proven to be free from harmful ingredients, hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types especially on dry, itchy and sensitive skin.