Sensitive & Irritated Facial Skin

Many people have sensitive skin, a condition in which their skin becomes red and itchy in response to certain triggers.

What Triggers Sensitive Skin Reaction?

Oftentimes it is a result of your skin reacting to certain ingredients in beauty and skin care products. Many skin care products contain quite harsh ingredients - surprisingly even those that say "dermatologist tested" may not actually be gentle! However, there are many potential causes – so if in doubt, see your doctor.

What are the symptoms and signs of sensitive skin?

Usually you will develop a rash, with redness,
dryness, itch or stinging / burning sensations.


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    Suu Balm products were developed after years of dermatological research at The National Skin Centre in Singapore. All our products are proven to be free from harmful ingredients, hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types especially on dry, itchy and sensitive skin.