Sensitive & Irritated Facial Skin

Many people have sensitive skin, a condition in which their skin becomes red and itchy in response to certain triggers.

What Triggers Sensitive Skin Reaction?

Oftentimes it is a result of your skin reacting to certain ingredients in beauty and skin care products. Many skin care products contain quite harsh ingredients - surprisingly even those that say "dermatologist tested" may not actually be gentle! However, there are many potential causes – so if in doubt, see your doctor.

What are the symptoms and signs of sensitive skin?

Usually you will develop a rash, with redness, dryness, itch or stinging / burning sensations.


We understand how frequent breakouts and itchy skin reactions can be very frustrating and disruptive. Our products have been developed to help.


Ultra-gentle cleansing:
No Soap, Sulfate, SLS, SLES and parabens
Leaving the skin soft and supple:
With 5 types of moisturising ingredients

Our Creams and Sprays for Sensitive Skin

Relieve itch in minutes:
With natural cooling menthol.
Restore the skin barrier:
With 5 types of skin-identical ceramides.
Reduce Redness & Irritation:
With Northern Truffle Extract
Suu Balm products were developed after years of dermatological research at The National Skin Centre in Singapore. All our products are proven to be free from harmful ingredients, hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types especially on dry, itchy and sensitive skin.


Whether it’s sensitive skin on the face, sensitive skin on the back, sensitive skin on the chest or sensitive skin all over the body, one thing is for sure - it hurts and it’s beyond annoying. 

More often than not, people with sensitive skin types often struggle with other related skin issues such as dry and sensitive skin, itchy sensitive skin and even oily sensitive skin. All of these skin problems stem from just having sensitive skin conditions that can be a real challenge to live with as it disrupts us to live a more carefree life. 

However, living with sensitive skin conditions doesn’t have to be a life-long ordeal because Suu Balm has a range of products to meet the needs of even the most ultra-sensitive skin.

Skin-Friendly Formulation Product For Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive skin conditions require extra care and attention, and those who suffer from sensitive skin problems are not as free to use just any kind of product on their skin. 

Formulated by an expert dermatologist at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, Suu Balm has come a long way in formulating sensitive skin products that will help to relieve and soothe various sensitive skin types. The range of sensitive skin products includes body care, facial care, scalp care and even products for the kids. 

With sensitive skin care in mind, all of Suu Balm’s soothing body wash to cooling creams for sensitive skin are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and do not contain harsh ingredients such as parabens, sulfate, soap, SLS, SLES and other nasty preservatives. 

These harsh ingredients are known to trigger sensitive skin problems that cause flare ups, breakouts, dry patchy skin and rashes or irritation. Continuing to use products that contain ingredients not suitable for your skin can eventually make you go from having only mildly sensitive skin to hypersensitive skin. 

So, it might be time to switch your old body care and skincare routine up with Suu Balm’s products for your much-needed sensitive skin treatment.

Start with a Soothing Body Wash as Your First Sensitive Skin Treatment

Most of us who suffer from sensitive skin problems are inclined to use products that are suitable for our sensitive skin type. More often than not, there are many products out there including body washes that claim to be nourishing for the skin but are just not working for us.  

That is why Suu Balm has come up with the Dual Cooling & Moisturising Cream Body Wash, which is a body wash that is designed to be ultra gentle and nourishing even for extremely sensitive skin types. 

It is an ideal gentle body cleanser for sensitive skin and will leave your skin feeling soothed, moisturised and refreshed with its dual cooling and moisturising formula. This body cleanser for sensitive skin matches the skin’s natural pH and contains five moisturising ingredients, including rich shea butter and sodium hyaluronate for healthy, moisturised skin. Whereas the natural menthol soothes and provides cooling relief for dry sensitive skin and itchy sensitive skin.

The Best Moisturiser & Body Lotion For Sensitive Skin

After cleansing your body with the Dual Cooling & Moisturising Cream Body Wash, you’re going to want to follow up with a good moisturiser for sensitive skin. Together with the Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser, they make the perfect pairing for the ultimate sensitive skin treatment. 

This cream for dry skin is not just meant for itchy skin as its name suggests but is designed even for those who suffer from sensitive skin conditions, ranging from dry sensitive skin to sensitive painful skin. 

This is because this top selling moisturiser for sensitive skin is formulated with menthol for rapid, cooling relief in 5 minutes as well as 5 types of skin-identical ceramides that replenish the skin barrier for a soothing relief that your sensitive skin condition needs to stay healthy and happy. Besides restoring the skin’s barrier, the skin-identical ceramides also work to lock in optimum moisture in the skin to prevent further dryness to sensitive skin conditions. 

Other than functioning as a body lotion for sensitive skin, the Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser can also be applied as an everyday hand lotion for sensitive skin. 

Not only that but the Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser is lightweight and non-sticky, making it suitable to use frequently in our hot, humid weather. This moisturiser could easily be one of the best moisturisers for sensitive skin in Malaysia with its amazing, high-performing, sensitive skin-friendly and nourishing ingredients.

Looking For The Best Face & Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin?

For someone who struggles with sensitive skin on the face, finding the best face products for sensitive skin can be a huge challenge, making it hard for us to achieve healthy, supple and soft skin. 

Worry not! Besides a body care range, Suu Balm also has an ultra gentle range of skincare for sensitive skin, which include a face cleanser for sensitive skin and a facial moisturiser for sensitive skin. 

Firstly, the Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser is highly suitable for sensitive skin on the face. Unlike most facial cleansers, Suu Balm’s is hypoallergenic and matches healthy skin’s pH. 

Not only that, but this face cleanser for sensitive skin also contains a luscious and creamy formulation thanks to its star ingredient, shea butter alongside its unique water retaining technology. So, as you cleanse the sensitive skin on your face, it is also getting the moisturising goodness and pampering that it needs without leaving your skin feeling tight.  

With all of these benefits put together, this probably makes the Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser one of the best cleansers for sensitive skin in Malaysia.

Couple Your Facial Cleanser With A Lightweight Face Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin

After cleansing with the Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser, follow up your skincare routine for sensitive skin with the Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser

This moisturiser could easily be one of the best face moisturisers for dry and sensitive skin because of its nourishing, premium ingredients. Though the name suggests that it's for itchy skin, the Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser is also designed for most sensitive skin types.  

This face moisturiser for sensitive skin is formulated with a combination of skin-identical ceramides, northern truffle and safflower extracts, which work together to moisturise and repair sensitive skin problems naturally while reducing red spots and relieving facial irritation almost instantly without stinging the eyes. Upon each application, the skin barrier is restored to a healthy state, leaving your sensitive skin condition looking great and feeling healthy! 

To top it off, the award winning Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser is also a non-sticky and lightweight moisturiser for sensitive skin. This means that this moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin is suitable to apply daily in Malaysia’s hot and humid climate! 

Also, Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser is safe and suitable for newborn onwards. So if your baby is experiencing sensitive skin or rashes, feel free to apply it on your baby too.

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So, Whether it’s sensitive skin on the face or sensitive dry skin on the body, Suu Balm is here to be your skin’s ‘suu-per’ hero! What are you waiting for? Purchase them online now to enjoy free nationwide shipping

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