Suuper Relief for GATAL skin

Suuper Relief for GATAL skin

Mommies and daddies! We know how painful it is to watch your child suffer and scratch their dry and gatal skin😰 As they scratch their tender skin intending to relieve the itch, it'll only cause their condition to be worsen and the itch-scratch cycle continues. Stop the torturous itch by using the award-winning Suu Balm Kids range!

Suu Balm Kids range is free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, preservatives and fragrances, which are ingredients that may trigger your child's sensitive skin. A question that we often hear from consumers is 'Can my baby use it?'. The answer is a BIG YES! Suu Balm Kids range is suitable to be used on Newborn onwards. Suu Balm Kids range is also packed with 3x skin-identical ceramides to restore the skin's barrier and deeply moisturise your child's skin.

Follow the simple steps below to feel suuper relieved from gatal skin🤩❄️ :
Step 1 - Use Suu Balm Kids Dual Soothing & Moisturising Head To Toe Wash to gently cleanse and soothe your child's dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Our Head To Toe Wash is creamy and contains 5x moisturising ingredients including rich shea butter and sodium hyaluronate. You may wonder - Why are there no bubbles when you use our cream body wash? This is because Suu Balm Cream Body Wash does not contain soap that will cause drying to your child's skin.

Step 2 - Use Suu Balm Kids Dual Rapid Itch Relieving & Restoring Ceramide Moisturiser to provide suuper relief and soothe your child's itchy skin with the presence of natural cooling menthol. Suu Balm Kids Ceramide Moisturiser is packed with 3x skin-identical ceramides which is a crucial ingredient to repair and restore the skin's barrier. It plays a vital role in determining the condition of your skin.

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