Suu Balm™ – 每日缓解敏感肌肤

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Everyday Relief for Sensitive Skin

I bring Suu Balm with me everywhere I go. I love the cooling feeling- It stops my itch. I used to scratch till my skin breaks but not anymore because of Suu Balm. Love it so much. Thank you Suu Balm. It really heals and moisturises my skin. Thank you once again.

Haslindah Atan / Facebook

Suu Balm is an amazing product. I have tried many different products for my dry skin and all failed. A friend recommended this to me and it has been a life saver. There is no turning back. I love Suu Balm and would recommend it to everyone xo

Samiah Khan / Facebook

My daughter last had Hives at 2yo+. She often scratches till she bleeds! Some time back, my colleague recommended Suu Balm Kids so we got it at Guardian. It is our go-to cream now. The fast itch relieving really works, even for myself. I used it recently after a waxing session. The cooling sensation was great and I stopped itching thereafter.

Sharon Yong / Facebook