Suu Balm双效凉爽保湿沐浴露(840ml)


Suu Balm 保湿非常适合在敏感和乾燥的皮肤上温和地清洁,使您的皮肤倍感舒缓、滋润和清新。 这种无皂硷、无硫酸盐、无香料、无paraben、无防腐剂的保湿沐浴露适合所有皮肤类型。



Suu Balm 双效凉爽保湿沐浴露是一种温和、清新的配方。对于任何皮肤干燥、敏感的人来说,日常使用都是安全的。

• 由新加坡国家皮肤中心(National Skin Centre, Singapore)制定
• 薄荷醇可舒缓和缓解干痒皮肤
• 由NSC经营「痕痒诊所」的皮肤科主任郑宏量医生 (Dr. Tey Hong Liang) 特别精心挑选的成份
• 蕴含5种保湿成份,包括丰富的乳木果油和透明质酸钠






Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, Stearyl Alcohol, Hydroxyacetophenone, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Menthol, Caprylyl Glycol, Lactic Acid, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Betaine, Sodium Hyaluronate

何时该使用 & 不该使用

每天洗澡或沐浴时使用,如果需要,可以更频繁地使用。 涂抹于身体上,温和地清洁,然后冲洗干淨。 如果您对任何成份过敏,请不要使用。 为了获得最佳效果,请减短洗澡时间,不要使用过热的水。 洗澡后,将皮肤拍干,然后将Suu Balm保湿乳抹在痒或干燥的身体部位。

Suu Balm双效凉爽保湿沐浴露(840ml) 有 22 个评价

  1. NGU H.

    It keeps me refreshing after using it

  2. Ong C.

    Feel cool after shower

  3. SJ (验证用户)

    My go to solution for eczema issues.

  4. Loshana S. (验证用户)

    First tried the starter kit, went back and bought the full size, and never looked back. My fourth bottle to date! My skin doesn’t feel “scrubbed” and yet it effectively cleans off dirt and sweat. Very useful for my skin condition (eczema).

  5. Anonymous (验证用户)

    It’s menthol cooling effect is excellent is relieving the itch after showering on my affected skin portion. The effect is lasting and the itch doesn’t recur for quite some time. The smaller version comes in handy especially when I am on the go outside. It’s a bit pricy but still worth it as it helps to subside the flare and itch almost immediately. Glad to have found this relieving cream body wash as it is non-soapy and formulated by the National Skin Centre. Keep up the good job!

  6. Ivy Chan (验证用户)

    Oh this is very good too , so cooling after the bath

  7. Anonymous (验证用户)

    Very cooling after wash.

  8. Irene Lim (验证用户)

    Love the cooling sensation after bath..and just a little pump cleanse all…?

  9. Gopi (验证用户)

    The feel of the chill due to the menthol, is great for a hot day shower. And the creamy feeling is great. Price could be lesser since it’s a local product.

  10. Catherine W. (验证用户)

    This body wash greatly helps to relieve the dryness & itchy feeling of my skin. Love that it does not leave my skin dry after showering & it stops any itching with the cooling menthol.

  11. Alicia T. (验证用户)

    I’ve got bad eczema on my feet and this helps soothe it

  12. Charmaine Tan (验证用户)

    My staple body wash. Cant live without it. Doesn’t dry my skin.

  13. Addison Chee (验证用户)

    Gentle, soothing

  14. Karen (验证用户)

    Another one of my mom’s favourite products, this body wash cleanses gently and keeps her skin feeling hydrated.

  15. Anonymous (验证用户)

    Mild cooling feeling

  16. Anonymous (验证用户)

    Highly recommended for eczema flareups

  17. Fauziah Ramli (验证用户)

    This product really suits me well. No more scaling and dry patches on my knees

  18. 春香 李 (验证用户)

    Really moisturizing and smell good

  19. ken (验证用户)

    My wife has sensitive skin and very itchy. She has been using this for two weeks and it works well!

  20. Anonymous (验证用户)

    Cool down and calm my itch skin. I love this product!!

  21. Naadiah J. (验证用户)

    My daily bathcream now. No more bad eczema breakouts

  22. Anonymous (验证用户)

    Leaves a minty cooling sensation after use

  23. Evelyn Wong (验证用户)

    Keep it up. Another useful body wash though lather strength a little weak!

  24. Angela Grosse (验证用户)

    Excellent. It’s decrease the itchy, moisturises the skin making it feel cooling & fresh

  25. Anonymous (验证用户)

    It’s a little on the expensive side but it has definitely helped me with my eczema. It has reduced greatly though the scars are still around. But at least the itch is gone and I don’t see patches of redness anymore.

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