Kebimbangan Kulit dan Kulit Kepala

Learn more about your skin conditions and how to solve these issues with Suu Balm!

Adults with Eczema

Repair and relieve dry, itchy, eczematous skin with ultra gentle products formulated to soothe, restore and break the itch-scratch cycle.

Kulit Sensitif

Ultra gentle products formulated specially for sensitive skin to cleanse and moisturise without irritation.

Kids with Eczema

Ultra gentle skincare products formulated with carefully selected ingredients to soothe, hydrate and protect the tender, delicate skin of newborns and children.

Kulit Penuaan

Protect dry, itchy, sensitive ageing skin from losing moisture with carefully formulated products to hydrate and repair the skin barrier.


Help relieve the itching irritation and stay moisturised with our products.

Kulit Kepala Berkelemumur

Learn how and why your scalp is itchy, irritated and sometimes produce dry flakes.