Kulit Sensitif: 10 Soalan Penting Anda, Dijawab !


Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan kulit sensitif? Memahaminya amat penting kerana walaupun ia bukan isu kesihatan, pengendalian yang lemah boleh menjejaskan kualiti hidup anda.  Bayangkan anda perlu bergelut dengan kemerahan yang kerap dan akhirnya merosakkan kulit anda. Itulah komplikasi yang boleh anda elakkan! Jadi, kenali kulit anda dengan lebih baik dan pelajari cara melindunginya dengan cara […]

Be Clean. Be Safe!

Wash Your Hands Infographic - Suu Balm Malaysia

With the current #coronavirus epidemic, many misconceptions on hand washing and soaps have emerged. Contrary to popular belief, soaps, washes and cleansers DO NOT kill viruses such as the Novel Coronavirus. Instead, with proper and frequent hand washing, you can remove them from your hands which is why the WHO has advocated for frequent hand […]

Everything Parents Need To Know About Eczema In Kids

Young Children Can't Stop Straching Eczema Skin

Article from: The Asian Parent Eczema affects about 20% of school-going children in Singapore and can often causeflare-ups, inflammation and itchy skin. Eczema is a very common condition, particularly in children, affecting up to 20% ofkids globally. The condition affects the skin, causing a red, itchy, flaky rash that canoccur on any part of the […]

What Causes Eczema and How to Manage Your Symptoms

What Causes Eczema and How to Manage Your Symptoms

There is no definitive cause of eczema, instead, there is a combination of factors that involve genes and triggers. Eczema sufferers tend to have an over-reactive immune system that is affected by substances that occur outside the body and produce inflammation. They can also react to other symptoms caused by the body that produces the […]

Haze and its Effects on People with Eczema

Haze and its Effects on People with Eczema

Just last month, the haze situation in Singapore affected thousands of people. Everyone was falling sick! The haze aggravated existing conditions such asthma and coughs and gave an rise in people falling sick. We sat down with Dr John O’Shea, co-founder of pharmaceutical company Good Pharma Dermatology which formulates and sells Suu Balm, and asked […]

Suu Balm Launches 3 New Products!

Suu Balm Launches 3 New Products!

At Suu Balm we have just launched 3 brand new products- Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Scalp Spray, Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser & Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser – that is designed specifically for the needs of those with eczema or psoriasis on the scalp and face, respectively. If you are […]

Eczema & Sports

Eczema & Sports: Can my child live an active lifestyle with eczema? Dr John O’Shea, medical doctor and co-founder of Suu Balm, a range of products for people with eczema developed with local dermatologist Dr Tey Hong Liang, at the National Skin Centre, Singapore.   I frequently get asked by people with eczema, and parents […]