Product FAQs

Finding the right skincare product can be challenging especially now that the market is flocked with so many options. If you suffer from dry, itchy, and sensitive skin, you must scrutinise the ingredients if you want to achieve relief the safest way possible! For that, we welcome questions so you can make wise buying choices. To help you with your concerns, especially about our Suu Balm Kids product line, we answered the common questions we received. Read through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below.

It’s safe to apply Suu Balm Kids more than once every day. In fact, your little one can benefit the more times you apply the product. The moisturising effect of ceramides and filaggrin, plus the soothing action of menthol can stop the urge to scratch. The same ingredients can also restore the skin’s barrier, which in turn locks in moisture. 

The Suu Balm for Kids product line is specifically formulated for children.

When the Suu Balm Kids range was formulated, we ensured that it is gentle enough for all children, including newborn babies. We also made sure that the wash was ‘tear-free’ so that it’s safe to use from head-to-toe. It’s gentle yet able to properly cleanse without stripping the skin dry. It’s also free of all the nasties like soap, sulfate, SLS/SLES. The moisturiser is also packed with skin-identical ceramides and filaggrin to intensely hydrate, plus a hint of menthol—tailored specially for kids (and babies)—to relieve itch!

Suu Balm provides rapid itch relief and it helps you replenish skin moisture better! It’s specifically designed for people with dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. It contains menthol which cools and soothes the skin, relieving itch within minutes*. It also contains ceramides that repair the skin barriers as it locks in moisture.

*survey done in February 2017, data on file

Suu Balm creams come in 2 versions. The Original and Kids Cream. Suu Balm Original relieves itch fast and it’s designed for use in older kids, teenagers, and adults. Suu Balm Kids is designed to be used even by the very young—from birth upwards. It is formulated with 3 different types of ceramides  that can help replenish skin moisture, promote skin repair, and provide rapid itch relief!

The menthol in Suu Balm helps to relieve the itch by triggering nerves in the skin, blocking the transmission of itch signals to the brain. Ceramides help repair your skin's barrier and form a protective layer to minimize moisture loss. Suu Balm helps you break free from the nagging itch due to dry skin with its ceramide and menthol content.

Ceramides are naturally found in our skin and they help create a barrier, a protection if you will, so that nothing good escapes your skin and nothing bad enters. However, over time, ceramides are lost, which results in dry, irritated skin. Ceramides help create a barrier to prevent permeability. This locks moisture into your skin, which helps prevent dryness and irritation.

Although our skin is naturally made up of ceramides, they are lost over time which results in dry, irritated skin. Suu Balm moisturisers contain high contents of skin-identical ceramides to moisturise, repair and restore your skin barrier function.

If there’s an open wound, be careful to not apply the cream directly on to the wound, instead apply the product around it. Apply Suu Balm on areas that are itchy, and reapply it as often as needed whenever the itch comes back. Never apply it too close to the eyes or mouth, or on very sensitive skin. The effects of menthol may not be tolerated well in those areas.

All of the ingredients in Suu Balm products are safe for use during pregnancy. In fact, dermatologists at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore recommend Suu Balm to pregnant mothers. However, if in doubt, please consult your doctor first. 

Suu Balm Washes contain 5 different moisturising ingredients which are ultra-gentle for sensitive skin. They do not contain soap, SLES, or SLS. In fact, these products are preservative-free, making them safe for ALL skin types,  especially sensitive skin.

It’s ceramide-based and perfect for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. Your dreaded itch will be relieved in just 5 minutes, thanks to the natural cooling effect of menthol. It also goes a step further to hydrate, repair, and restore your skin barrier function through its key ingredient—ceramides—which is naturally present in your skin.! Suu Balm is formulated with 5 types of skin-identical ceramides.

There’s really no definitive answer, but it’s true that the more you moisturise, the better, especially if you have sensitive skin. Moisturising helps lock in moisture and blocks out harmful bacteria.

So bring a tube of Suu Balm along with you so you can easily moisturise on the go!

We hope that this list is able to answer your queries too! So if you’re looking for kid-friendly skincare products that provide the dual benefit of providing rapid itch relief and restoring body moisture, Suu Balm Kids should be in your arsenal! Add one to cart today!