Suu Balm®️ – Everyday Relief for Sensitive Skin

What makes Suu Balm different?

Formulated at the National Skin Centre, Singapore

FAST and effective relief of itch with non-drying mentholHighly moisturising with REAL, SKIN-LIKE ceramides & filaggrinHigh quality ingredients with absolutely NO NASTIES like SLS, SLES, soap, sulfate, parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances


Everyday Relief for Sensitive Skin

I bring Suu Balm with me everywhere I go. I love the cooling feeling- It stops my itch. I used to scratch till my skin breaks but not anymore because of Suu Balm. Love it so much. Thank you Suu Balm. It really heals and moisturises my skin. Thank you once again.

Haslindah Atan / Facebook

Suu Balm is an amazing product. I have tried many different products for my dry skin and all failed. A friend recommended this to me and it has been a life saver. There is no turning back. I love Suu Balm and would recommend it to everyone xo

Samiah Khan / Facebook

My daughter last had Hives at 2yo+. She often scratches till she bleeds! Some time back, my colleague recommended Suu Balm Kids so we got it at Guardian. It is our go-to cream now. The fast itch relieving really works, even for myself. I used it recently after a waxing session. The cooling sensation was great and I stopped itching thereafter.

Sharon Yong / Facebook

“…While it relieves itch, it also helps to heal the skin barrier at the same time. With frequent application, it can prevent the next episode of itch from happening, ” explained Dr Tey.”

“…since using Suu Balm, he has been able to get two more hours of sleep a night, and he now gets on better with his wife. That’s the impact our products have had on people’s lives.”

“Suu Balm also stops itch; this is important not only for one’s quality of life and mental health, but also for skin health – scratching damages the skin, worsening the eczema, and also making the itch worse – the so-called “itch-scratch cycle”

“…applying ceramide to the skin helps to restore the barrier to its healthy state, where it can resist irritants and retain moisture.”

“… pilih jenis pelembap mengikut kesesuaian diri masing-masing. Contohnya, pelembap yang mempunyai ceramide dan menthol yang boleh memelihara kelembapan kulit dan mengurangkan kegatalan,” terangnya.

“…walaupun harganya agak mahal berbanding produk lain di pasaran, Suu Balm dapat menyelesaikan masalah kulit anak anda. Sebagai ibu, apa salahnya berbelanja lebih untuk kesihatan anak-anak dengan memilih produk yang terbaik.”

…kebanyakannya berpuas hati dengan hasilnya. Suu Balm terbukti berkesan dalam membantu menyelesaikan masalah kulit sekaligus mengembalikan keceriaan hari korang dan si manja!

“Anda yang ada masalah ini boleh gunakan Suu Balm Facial Care Cleanser dan juga Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser setiap hari, mesti lepas ni tak ada masalah dah nak pakai mask jenis apa pun!”

“…每次一觉得痒,病患就会自动自发拿起Suu Balm去搽,薄荷醇成分有镇静效果,让他们打消抓痒的念头,皮肤也不再收到手指抓痒的伤害,涂多了Suu Balm, 当中的Ceramide也让皮肤越变越好”

“Suu Balm可以在短短的时间内,就能解决皮肤瘙痒的问题!不管大人或小孩用了Suu Balm的产品后,都不禁给了100个赞啊~”


”宝宝的皮肤屏障功能差,面部皮肤角质层比较薄,容易干燥导致面部奶藓问题!把Suu Balm Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser 速效舒敏修护面霜涂抹在瘙痒干燥部分,可以很有效地帮助奶藓消退哦“


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